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What is a URL slug?

A URL slug is the part that comes at the very end of the URL which identifies a page using human-readable keywords and is actually the exact address of a specific page on your site, in other words - it is transliteration of the words in the url. Keeping your slugs descriptive and concise (1-5 words) can make your web page content understandable to the user and help improve SEO To Advanced Lavel.

What is a URL slug Generator?

Our SLUG generator is a free And Advanced online developer tool to instantly slugify words or text to an SEO-friendly and human-readable URL slug for better SEO optimization.

The URL slug also describes in a few words what the content of the page or post; like the title of a blog post. It has an SEO-friendly format as each word in the URL slug is separated by a dash "-" so it can be read by both humans and crawlers.

How to generate URL slug online?

Using our tool you just need enter your text in the text area which you want to convert, you can slugify multiple items by adding each item on a new line with our SLUG generator and click on the button "Convert" and you will get your Advance Seo Friendly сlean URL slug.

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